Amberwood Homes

With over 30 years of experience, our exceptional staff consists of custom home builders who design and build luxurious homes. Let us make your dream home a reality by bringing your vision to life. By listening to your ideas first, we can design a home that reflects your style. We pride ourselves on putting our clients’ needs first, so we tailor each home to meet specific requirements and personal preferences for any style home, whether you prefer a modern or a traditional design. Our overall goal is to design a house that you can call home, whether you prefer a minimalist or rustic appeal. When you are searching for Phoenix custom home builders, turn to us for unique designs and quality materials.

At Amberwood Homes, we are known for building custom homes in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. If you are searching for luxury home builders in Scottsdale, you can rely on us to maximize the design potential, so you can enjoy your investment for years to come. Call our office today at (480) 832-8161 to discuss custom home ideas with the professionals.